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Who is our teaching faculty?

Our instructors are dedicated to providing your child with a compassionate, inspiring, and safe education in dance. They have years of teaching experience with students of all ages, B.F.A;s and M.A.'s in dance, and have performed and choreographed professionally. Their goal is to pass the love of dance along to your child. They understand that it is a privilege to stand in front of your child as a mentor and role model.


How old does my child need to be to start dancing? 

We have classes for students agest 2 & Up. 


Can we take a trial class before commiting to your studio?

Yes. Dancers are welcome to take a $10 introductory class. If your child loves the class and wants to join our studio, the $10 will be credited toward your registration fee. Occasionally, we have a free open house or free day of dance where parents and students can come speak with us and take a tour of our studio.


What should dancers wear to class?

If you are doing a paid introductory class, you can wear comfortable athletice wear such as sweats, T-shirts, leggings, and bare feet (exception - for tap and hip hop it's best to wear clean sneakers). Your hair should be pulled back and we recommend no jewelry. Once you have decided to enroll in a class we will email you our studio dress code and information on where you can purchase the needed items. We also have an in-house boutique so you can purchase dance wear right away.


My daughter is 15 and has never danced before. Is it too late to start - will she be dancing with 5 year olds? 

It is never too late to start! We offer beginning through advanced classes within each age group. 


How will dance benefit my child?

Your child will grow in confidence, become more personable and less shy, make friends and learn skills that will not only help them become the best dancer they can be, but great adults. You will see your child blossom in all areas of their life, including school. Dancers learn many skills that transfer to their everyday life. Additionally, your child will develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts, particularly music and dance.


How do we sign up?
The best way to start is to come in for $10 trial class. Our staff can help you select the right class and you can enroll at the studio or online. 


Is there a registration fee?

There is a $20 registration fee paid once a year per family, so if you have 3 children, you will still just pay the one registration fee. 


Can parents observe class? Can we leave to run errands? 

Yes and yes. We have viewing windows  so you can watch your child, however we do not allow anyone other than  students in the classroom as it can be distracting for the teachers and students. You are also welcome to drop off your student. However, students under the age of 8 should be walked in to the studio. Once class is over, students should wait in the lobby until parents come in to get them. Please do not leave students under 8 unattended in the lobby.


What kinds of performing opportunities do you have?

We have an annual recital that we hold in June. We also have a competitive team that performs and competes throughout the year if your dancer wants to become more involved. 


Does your studio have a sibling/multi class discount?

Yes - the more classes you enroll in the rate per class decrreases.


How large are your classes?

Our classes for ages 2-6 year olds have a maximum of 10 students. For dancers seven and older the maximum is 15 students. Occasionally, a class may have more than the maximum amount enrolled. If this is the case, we often put a student assistant in the class to help the primary teacher. We make sure the classes are small and focused to maximize the learning opportunities for each student.


How do we pay for our classes?

We accept a variety of payment methods including debit/credit, cash, and checks. 


Will we be given information about our child’s development in classes?

We give a yearly report to parents that helps assess which level, class or program would be appropriate for your dancer as they register for the next season. Parents are contacted throughout the year on an “as needed” basis should the instructors feel the need to discuss your child’s progress.


What if my child needs to miss a class?

Your child may take a make up class of any style that is of similar age and level at any time. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. 


My child is shy will they be okay?

Many of our students join us because they are shy and want to build their confidence. In a matter of months you will be able to see a marked difference in their confidence and self-esteem.


My child has way too much energy, will dance help?
Lots of kids have energy. Dance is the perfect outlet to help them burn off excess energy while learning valuable, life-long skills. Our classroom environment is high energy but controlled and focused.