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Dance Arts holds a recital at the end of the school year and each class performs a dance on stage and in costume at a professional theater. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase to their family and friends what they have learned. This year’s recital will take place on Saturday, June 14 at IKEA Performing Arts Center. More detailed information and an itinerary are given in May.

Recital Costumes

Costumes are ordered many months in advance to make sure they arrive in time for pictures (scheduled in May), and also to allow for any exchanges needed. Estimated costume costs are between $50 and $85. It is not mandatory to participate in the recital. Students who are not able to participate in recital are still welcome to attend class and can still fully participate in class.

If you decide to participate in the recital you will receive a statement including a $30 costume deposit for each class your child is enrolled in. You will be billed for the remainder of the costume in January. Each student will also need to purchase tights and shoes to match their recital costumes. The shoes and tights will be specified in April and will be appropriate to wear to class once the recital is over.

Recital Fee

There will be a recital fee of $35 due in May to cover the cost of the facility, staff, etc. for the recital. This will include 4 tickets to the performance. Additional tickets may be purchased for $10 each.