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What the community is saying!

What an incredibly fun day we had at camp today. The kids tried out a hip hop class at Dance Arts and had a blast! I have had the privilege of watching many different instructors and coaches with kids, and their instructor, Mathew, was one of the best that I have ever seen. He was animated, hilarious, entertaining, kind and overall just fun to be with. I was incredibly impressed by what I saw today. It was so good that I wanted to sign myself up for classes by the end.

                                                                                           - Michelle (Little Discoveries Owner)

I just wanted to tell you and Corrine and April and everyone else at Dance Arts Thank You for all your hard work with the girls. I know that with Ashley, coming to Dance Arts has done wonders for her. She is so dedicated to dance, she lives ,eats, breaths, talks and dreams dance. She is focused on going to the UW and getting into their dance program. She looks so forward to coming to class and really cares very much for all of you. It is really great to see her be able to do something that makes her so happy. So I just wanted to be sure and thank all of you, and let you know how much you and Dance Arts means to Ashley. Thank You!

- Christine (parent)

Out of all the dance studios I’ve gone to, Dance Arts is my absolute favorite. I wanted to also thank you for being such a great teacher. Before I came to Dance Arts, I couldn’t have done more than half the things I can do now. You have taught me so much technique, self discipline, and so much more.

- Sydney (student)

You have been a major person in my life for the past 10 years, and I would like to thank you for both challenging me and bringing tons of happiness into my life. I’m so proud of you for opening your own studio, and even more proud of how you run it.

- Siobhan (student)

Hannah took a year off of Dance Arts to dance at the school and has come back to Dance Arts this year (which I’m very thankful for). How can I ever thank Annette for what she has done? As a parent you will notice positive things that influence your child… Annette is one of those.

- Max (parent)

I may be repeating myself but I want to thank you because Allie is loving dance again. She comes home every night after class and shows me what she’s learned and she’s so excited about it. She hasn’t been like this for a long time. What ever you’re doing is wonderful, thank you.

- Patti (parent)

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful school you have. I’ve taught at various private studios around theSeattle area and I’ve experienced a lot of bad work ethic, bad etiquette, and lots of drama. Your students are very well rounded and welcomed me with open minds and I really appreciate that.

- Amy (guest instructor)


Tonight’s’ dance recital was, by far, THE BEST dance recital we have ever attended!!!!!!! I am soooo excited for you guys . . . . a sold out crowd, outstanding, talented dancers, variety in choreography, professional, exciting, entertaining, heart-warming, fantastic blend of skill levels, innovative choreography, great mix of dance styles throughout the program, beautiful performing arts center, etc. etc. I could go on and on and on………Thank you for allowing us to be a part of tonight and of your dream. I was extremely proud tonight, not only of Ashley, but of the whole studio.

- Annette (parent)

Annette & Corinne, Thank you so much for the numerous and sometimes endless dance lessons. They have all been worth it! You both are wonderful teachers, so please, don’t ever stop. Eva has grown so much through dance, and has become a beautiful, young woman ready for college. I had tears in my eyes watching her during her last dance recital…but she’ll dance through life, I’m sure of it. Thanks for your support and smiles.

- Tammi (parent)