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2017/18 School Year Schedule

Ages 2-4 years 

Creative Movement Tuesday (ages 2-4 years)10:30-11:30am Hayley/Casey

Creative Movement Tuesday (ages 3-4 years) 6:00-7:00pm Annette

Kings of the Jungle Tuesday (ages 3-4 years) 4:00-5:00pm Matthew

Pretty Princess Pre-Ballet Monday (ages 3-4 years) 3:00-4:00pm Hyunmi

Pretty Princess Pre Ballet Friday (ages 3-4 years) 3:30-4:30pm Hyunmi



Ages 5-6 years

Pretty Princess Pre Ballet Monday 4:00-5:00pm Corinne/Hayley


Ages 7-9 years

Acrobatics Open Level Wednesday 6:45-7:45pm 

Ballet/Lyrical Combo (6-8 yrs) Monday 6:30-7:45pm Callan

Ballet Beginning Thursday 4:00-5:00pm Callan

Ballet Beg/Int Wednesday 4:45-5:45pm Hyunmi

Hip Hop Beg/Int Thursday 5:00-6:00pm Matthew

Jazz Beginning Wednesday 3:45-4:45pm Hayley

Lyrical Beginning Tuesday 7:00-8:00pm Callan

Tap Beginning Saturday 1:00-2:00pm Annette

Ages 10-12 years

Acrobatics Open Level Wednesday 7:45-8:45pm 

Ballet Beginning Thursday 6:00-7:00pm Callan

Ballet Intermediate Mon 5:30-6:45, Wed 5:45-7:00, Fri 4:30 -5:45pm Hyunmi/Annette/Callan

Hip Hop Beginning Wednesday 3:45-4:45pm

Hip Hop Intermediate Thursday 6:00-7:00pm Matthew

Jazz/Lyrical Intermediate Monday 7:30-8:30pm Corinne

Jazz/Lyrical Beginning Thursday 7:00-8:00pm Callan

Pointe/Pre Pointe Mon 6:45-7:15, Wed 7:00-7:30 Corinne

Tap Intermediate Saturday 1:00-2:00pm Annette



Acrobatics Open Level Wednesday 5:45-6:45pm 

Ballet Advanced Mon 5:00-6:30/Wed 7:30-9/Fri 4:30-5:45pm Corinne/Hyunmi

Contemporary Int/Advanced Thursday 8:00-9:00pm Callan

Hip Hop Beginning Thursday 8:00-9:00pm Matthew

Hip Hop Intermediate Tuesday 7:45-8:45pm Matthew

Hip Hop Advanced Tuesday 6:00-7:00pm Matthew

Jazz Beginning (Teen) Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm 

Jazz/Lyrical Advanced Monday 7:45-9:00 Callan

Lyrical Beginning Wednesday 2:45-3:45 

Musical Theater Open Level Tuesday 8:00-9:00 Callan

Pointe/Pre Pointe (12 yrs & up) Mon 6:45-7:30 & Wed 7-7:30 Corinne/Hyunmi

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions & Dress Code Alphabetically



Impress your friends with your new acrobatic skills! You will stretch for your splits; strength and condition for high leaps and jumps; and work on tricks including somersaults, cartwheels, bridges, and walkovers. Advanced students work on ariels, hand springs, and tucks! 


        Girls:  2 low side ponytails or a single braid, leotard or fitted tank top; sweats or dance shorts; and bare feet.

        Boys: Black leggings or sweats, T-shirt, bare feet


Grace, elegance and discipline. These are just a few of the benefits from classical training. Our philosophy is to promote anatomically correct placement and alignment for each individual. Ballet is essential for any serious dance student.


             Girls: Hair in bun, solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, dance shorts optional for older dancers..

            Boys: Black leggings, white T-shirt, Black Split Sole Ballet slippers


Your child will blossom before your eyes as they learn the magic of ballet during the first half  of these classes. There are several choices for the 2nd half of class including:  tap, lyrical,or jazz - please refer to the descriptions on this page for each style.


           Girls: Pink tights, Pink split sole ballet slippers. Black jazz shorts for Tap & Jazz, Black Tap or Jazz shoes

           Boys: Black leggings, white T-shirt, Black, Split Sole Ballet slippers. Black Tap or Jazz shoes

 Creative Movement:

Watch your little one twirl and leap with delight! Their confidence will soar as they develop physical and cognitive skills, express themselves to captivating music, and make new friends.


           Girls: Pink tights, Pink split sole ballet slippers.              

           Boys: Black leggings, white T-shirt, Black Split Sole Ballet slippers

Hip Hop:

Your child's confidence will soar as they learn the latest moves and the joy of coordinating their bodies to different rhythms, beats, and grooves. They wll experience a rush of energy as they learn to freestyle with their class mates in this high energy class. Their mental focus and discipline will thrive as they are challenged to memorize new steps and choreography.


          Hair: dancer's choice, comfortalbe athletic wear, or street clothes you can move in, clean sneakers            


A fast-paced, contemporary style of dance made famous from Broadway stages to music videos. This is a technical class that is fun and challenging. This class will include a warm up focusing on technique, followed by across the floor skills, and then will alternate between jazz and lyrical combinations each week.


         Girls: Hair in bun, leotard, jazz pants or shorts, black jazz shoes.

          Boys: Black leggings or sweats, T-shirt, Black jazz shoes

 Kings of the Jungle:

Your child will feel exhilirated as they soar through the jungle, leaping over rivers and trees; hopping through the marsh, and suddenly balancing still like a flamingo! Watch your little ones eyes light up with joy as they discover and explore the movements of their favorite animals. Their confidence will blossom as they develop, their coordination, focus, and make new friends!


          Girls: Any Leotard, Pink tights, Pink split sole ballet slippers.

          Boys: Black leggings, any T-shirt, Black Split Sole Ballet slippers.


This expressive and fluid dance style combines elements of both ballet and jazz. Emphasis is placed on expressing the lyrics and emotions of a song. It is highly recommended you take ballet at the same time.


          Girls: Hair in bun, leotard, tights and/or leggings or dance shorts

          Boys: Black leggings or sweats, any T-shirt, Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes.

Musical Theater:

Experience the thrill of acting, singing, and dancing all in one class! You will learn the choreography to your favorite classic and modern musicals, and have a blast as you interact with your fellow students and probably new best friends as you learn to express yourself and communicate in new and creative ways.  


          Girls: Hair secured away from face; leotard or tank top; tights, leggings, or dance shorts; jazz or character shoes

          Boys: Black leggings or sweats, any T-shirt, Black Split Sole Jazz shoes.

 Pre Ballet

Your little dancer will be filled with delight as they discover the magic of ballet. Watch them fill with pride as they learn the basic positions by coloring, imitating, and practicing with their friends. They will experience the joy of leaping, twirling, swaying, and balancing to a variety of classical music and childhood favorites.


           Girls: Pink tights, Pink split sole ballet slippers.              

           Boys: Black leggings, white T-shirt, Black Split Sole Ballet slippers

 Princess Ballet:

Watch your little one become lost in a world of enchantment as they dance, dress up, and act out stories to their favorite princess music. Their grace and poise will blossom before your eyes as they pretend clean with Cinderella, sip tea and read books with Belle, and pick up an apple like Snow white!


          Pink leotard, Pink tights, Pink split sole ballet slippers. Princess dresses provided, but your own if you like.         


Students will be fascinated as they explore rhythm patterns and learn to use their feet as rhythmical instruments! Syncopation, musicality and a variety of step styles are taught.


         Girls: Hair in bun; leotard, jazz pants or shorts; black tap shoes without laces

         Boys: Black leggings or sweats, any T-shirt, Black tap shoes no laces