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Class Descriptions


Dance Mix (Adult) This class will offer a variety of different dance styles including ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. There will be a different genre taught each week by a different instuctor.

**Attire: Comfortable clothes you can move in, clean sneakers for hip hop and ballet or jazz shoes for other classes.



 Acro (ages 5 & up): This class consists of stretching, strengthening and floor gymnastics. including cartwheels, bridges, front and back walkovers. Advanced students work on ariels, front and back walkovers.

**Attire: Hair off face, leotard or fitted tank top, sweats or booty shorts, and bare feet.


Ballet(ages 7 & up): Grace, elegance and discipline. These are just a few of the benefits from classical training. Our philosophy is to promote anatomically correct placement and alignment for each individual. Ballet is essential for any serious dance student.
**Attire: Hair in bun, solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, skirts or booty shorts optional.


Combo(ages 5-7): Combo classes allow students the opportunity to sample different dance styles in a concentrated amount of time. We offer a variety of combination classes – see specific descriptions of each style.
**Attire: Hair in bun, pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. If class includes jazz, tap, or tumbling, students may wear fitted shorts. If class includes hip hop students should bring clean sneakers dedicated to class. Black tap shoes without laces are required for tap combos.
Creative Movement(ages 3-4):  Classes consist of activities that will help develop gross motor skills, coordination and rhythm, while keeping learning fun. Children will also get to practice appropriate group interaction skills such as sharing, listening and following directions.
**Attire: Hair in bun, pink tights, pink leotard, pink ballet shoes.

Hip Hop(ages 5 & up): Popularized on music videos, students of this “street dancing” learn rhythm and style to today’s most popular music (age appropriate). This class is more funky and less technical than Jazz.
**Attire: Hair in ponytail, street clothes (NO jeans), clean tennis shoes dedicated to class.


Jazz/Lyrical(ages 7 & up): A fast-paced, contemporary style of dance made famous from Broadway stages to music videos. This is a technical class that is fun and challenging. This class will include a warm up focusing on technique, followed by across the floor skills, and then will alternate between jazz and lyrical combinations each week.
**Attire: Hair in bun, leotard, jazz pants, black jazz shoes.

Lyrical(ages 7 & up): This expressive and fluid dance style combines elements of both ballet and jazz. Emphasis is placed on expressing the lyrics and emotions of a song. It is highly recommended you take ballet at the same time.
**Attire: Hair in bun, leotard, tights or jazz pants.


Musical Theater(ages 7 & up): Classes will combine acting, singing, and dancing as students learn excerpts from popular musicals such as “High School Musical’, “Grease”, and “42nd Street”.
**Attire: Hair secured away from face, leotard, tights, tank tops, fitted spandex type shorts or jazz pants.


Parent/Child(ages 2-4): As the name suggests this is a class that parents take with their child. Dancing together while exploring movement activities and practicing skills is not only lots of fun but very educational. Activities are taught that can be explored at home. A wide variety of music, props, and rhythm instruments adds to the fun and learning.
**Attire: Comfortable clothes you can move in.

Tap(ages 7 & up): Students in this class learn to use their feet as a rhythmical instrument. Syncopation, musicality and a variety of step styles are taught.
**Attire: Hair in bun, leotard, jazz pants, black tap shoes.


Technique Turns & Leaps(10 & up): This class focuses on learning and executing proper technique for turns and leaps. This is a great class for dancers to practice their skills and perfect their moves.
**Attire: Hair in bun, leotard, tights, bear claws or jazz shoes (no baggy pants or sweats).